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On Cloud Nine

Two posts. In two days. I know...amazing, isn't it? *nods* Yes, well, I am working harder to be a good blogger and am aiming for at least two or three posts a week.

:: pats self on back and grins ::

We'll see how long it lasts. *wink*

So I believe this is my first 'On Cloud Nine' post...I think. I might have participated before and forgotten. Y'all wouldn't believe how easy it is for me to do that. Yesterday, I was walking into a room looking for something when, all of a sudden, I couldn't remember exactly what I was looking for and-

Ahem. Where was I? ;)
This photo isn't perfect, but it makes me feel very happy. It's of my second to youngest brother, John, who is going to be seven on Saturday. Here that, folks? Seven. And the gist of his conversations these days are about touchdowns, field goals, college/NFL football stats (I kid you not)...stuff that's way over my sports ignorant head. *sniff* When did he go and grow up on us?

Happy Early Birthday, John! We love you!
And just for fun, here it is again in black/white.


9 thoughts:

Beth said...

WOW! That picture is wonderful! Love his eyes and smile and him :) So hard to believe he is going to be 7. Hope he has a very Happy Birthday!

Joanna said...

Beautiful photo! I love his smile and the bokeh in the background. ;-)

kbreints said...

What a beautiful boy-- wonderful picture, I love both versions!

Bailey said...

*jaw drops* He is such a stunningly handsome little guy. Love his expression!

The Southern Lady said...

Good morning from Tokyo!

Oh my goodness your little brother is just precious. That is such a beautiful picture and brimming with 7-year old-ness (new word, just go with it). He looks so impish and full of personality.

Many happy wishes on his birthday!



Anonymous said...

Both of those photos are magnificent - I hope you realize that!

Erin said...

Thank you all very much! And John thanks y'all, too. :)

Crista "Moriah" said...

Sweet picture!

I love your blog. :)


In Christ,

Erin said...

Thank you very much, Moriah! And thanks for following my blog as well...I'm heading over for a visit to yours right now. :)