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Rejection... ;P

Yes, me...rejected. It's a tragic story, and if you're willing to stay long enough to hear all about it, you'll likely end up clutching a box of tissues.

Still here? Okay, but remember that you were forewarned...

Awhile back (I can't remember the exact date), I was informed by a certain young man that he planned to marry me one day because he loved me so much. It continued this way for quite some time with the little guy--excuse me, young man--insisting that he would indeed marry me some happy day in the future.

Speed up to a few days ago when this young man approached me and told me that he simply couldn't marry me after all...and he shrugged a tiny shrug. I was shocked and a bundle of uncertainty. Was it me? My cooking? My personality? What?

After some prodding, he finally said, “Erin, I can’t marry you because…because it will take me a long time to gwow up and you’re already gwown up.” *sniff* However, he did add, “But I still love you.” Sure, we can still be friends…right after I pick up all the tiny pieces of my broken heart… LOL ;)

And that's the story. Tragic though it may be, I hold no bitterness and wish the li'l guy every happiness in life. I've decided to push the entire incident from my mind and not to think about it any more as doing so might spark feelings of indignation...

Hmmm, but don't you just love his subtle insinuation that I'll be old and gray by the time he reaches manhood? Quite the affront to my pride... ;D

*Note: Any similarities noticed in the above photo between the perpetrator of my sadness and my little brother, Alexander, are purely coincidental. ;)

3 thoughts:

Bailey said...

Aw, you poor girl. Those little guys in our lives are just determined to break our hearts, aren't they? *tears* You must be feeling miserable, for your little man is absolutely adorable. Love that pose!

Beth said...

Aww, bless you heart! What a sad story. But you see all is not lost because if he won't marry you, there is an adorable blond haired, blue eyed little girl who is much closer in age :) She has decided that she will marry him, all he has to do is ask.

NOTE: Her sister may have helped her come to this conclusion, they have decided that the 2 little boys at your house are soooooo cute and they could each have one :)

.lauren.anne. said...

Aww, how adorable is that!! Oh, and what a sad girl you must be.. :)

God Bless,
Lauren Anne