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Long Time, No Post

Wow, I haven't posted in forever...I didn't realize just how time-consuming the homework from some of these college classes would be! In other words, I'm enjoying the classes, but I've had to put some of my recreational activities on the back-burner for a little while (blogging being one of them). :)

I was awarded the "Honest Scrap" award by Abi over at "The Abi Show". Thanks, Abi!!

Here are the rules:
1. Say thanks and link to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share ten "honest" things about yourself.
3. Award this to seven people whose blog design/content you admire or who have encouraged you, and inform them of their win and of the rules of this award.

1. I am a twin (I think that fact has been established by now, huh?)
2. I have four other siblings.
3. I enjoy photography and being behind the camera, but I very much dislike being in front of it! *ugh*
4. I looove babies. So sweet! :)
5. I have to be careful or I could spend wayyyyy too much time on the computer.
6. My "thinking face" is often mistaken for an "angry face" by fact, I was once told that I was the twin who always had a sour expression on my face. lol Can you see the emotional scars I am carrying from that remark? :)
7. I am exactly 5' 3".
8. I tend to re-play conversations over and over in my mind...this can get rather annoying.
9. I enjoy reading a good book.
10. I have a very special package that should be arriving tomorrow. I am very excited about it and will blog about it soon! :D

How's that for an incredibly random list of ten honest things about me?

I award this to: Lizzy, Elissa, Jaime, Joanna, Emily, Bailey, and Bethany. :)

2 thoughts:

Bethany said...

I suppose since I don't have a blog I might as well do it here. (Oops...thank'ee I mean :)(I am very delighted that you noticed moi ;).

1. (I get to borrow yours, yay!) I am a twin. (Three cheers :)

2. (This is mind boggling :) I am extremely shy -- although once I say one word you usually won't get me to stop talking.

3. I have 8 brothers and sisters.

4. I am easily annoyed -- especially when I am reading or sewing, knitting, crocheting etc.

5. I take great pity for bugs and I usually won't kill any that come into our house (except for the gross ones...I don't pity them!)

6. My grammar is terrible.

7. I talk to myself (mostly scold myself...)

8. I am homeschooled.

9. I prefer baking over cooking any day (same with leftovers and dishes).

10. I get nervous very easily. (such as I wouldn't sit near the big tall grass because I kept hearing noises and all I could remember was cougars...althogh none live around here!)

If there was an 11 I think I would put that I am not good at lists. :D

Lizzy Brown said...

Thanks Erin!!! :D I'll post the tag on my blog today... I'm sorry I'm so late- so much has been going on around here- well, my post will talk about it. I need to write that letter to you and Elisabeth too... :P I'm so behind, and I'm sorry! *HUG*