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Some Lovely Springtime Surprises

So I was setting up for a photo shoot in my grandparents' garden the other day when I noticed a female cardinal flitting about the arbor that is currently covered at the top with greenery.

She appeared to be carrying something in her mouth...a moth, to be precise. She then proceeded to hop into the greenery and disappear. I could hear ecstatic peeps upon her arrival and then, I imagine, tiny sounds of swallowing followed soon after. Rest in peace, poor moth, rest in peace. :)

I ventured closer for a better look...hmmm, not much of a view for a short person. ;) Undaunted, I grabbed an old stool and climbed on it with my camera in tow...

...And found a nest with a soft and feathery surprise or two.
Or three. :D
These cute li'l fellas didn't seem too disturbed by my visit...quite possibly due to the fact that they were napping. The parents, on the other hand...

Well, they met my arrival with some trepidation, anxiety, and-

Okay, so their looks were openly hostile. :)

Papa Cardinal lurking in the shadows.

Sheesh, you'd have thought I was up there harming the kids or something! :D However, for fear of sending Mama and Papa Cardinal into cardiac arrests, I climbed down after a minute or two, content with the knowledge that at least the babies didn't seem afraid of me.

Maybe I spoke too soon. lol Actually, I think that Junior was expecting a handout...try to imagine that you're an unfortunate worm wriggling in Mama Cardinal's beak as she leans forward, closer and closer...

Hmmm, quite an interesting perspective. ;)

5 thoughts:

Beth said...

Oh My GOODNESS!!!! I love all the pictures but that last one is great!What a fun picture!

One of your big fans :)

Bailey said...

ROTFLOL That last one cracked me up. :D ( pun intended. :)) I love your "photo stories." They're hilarious. ;)

That second-to-last picture, the one with Papa Cardinal in a black-and-white world, is especially noteworthy. Such a bright, cheery red.

Betty said...

You did it again! The pictures and story fabulous...

Keep up the good work!

Love you,

abitucker said...

Those little birds are so cute!
And the pictures are cute too.

Anonymous said...

love the last one!