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Happy Birthday, Dad!!

As you can guess from my title, today is my dad's 45th birthday! Dad is a wonderful father, husband, pastor, friend...the list just goes on! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dad!!!!

Dad on his wedding day...isn't he handsome? :)

Mom and Dad

Dad, Mom, Erin, and Elisabeth (don't ask me which twin is which, 'cause I don't know! lol)


John and Alexander wanted to give their daddy a present just from them, so here's what I came up with:

Alexander opted for Dad's work uniform and old boots, while John decided on the "preacher's clothes" as he calls it. :D Don't they look cute? *shhh* Don't tell Dad...they haven't given it to him yet! :)

If any of you have wondered at my absence, our computer has had a nasty virus. *ARGG* Hopefully, it is better now, and I will be back to being a *regular* blogger! :D

7 thoughts:

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to him!

Betty said...

Happy Birthday Chad! Aren't my grandson's the cutest?

We'll see you later...Mam and Pop

Bailey said...

Your daddy was and is handsome. :) And your brothers are the Most Ingenius Birthday Plotters around.

(Were you ever able to tell any of your baby pictures apart? LOL)

abitucker said...

The boys are precious! That was a great present!

Anonymous said...

you almost won for the contest! =) Don't tell anyone I told you that!

Carla said...

Lovely photos!
Happy belated birthday to your dad :)!

Much Love,

Erin said...

Thank y'all! My dad really appreciated all of his birthday wishes! :)

Oh, and Bailey, the answer is: only on rare occasions! lol ;D