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7 Things I've Learned From Being a Big Sister...

1. ....I've learned that the one time you go to bed REALLY REALLY late and you're REALLY REALLY exhausted, your younger siblings will promptly surmrise that this is the morning that you need to get up at 6:30 a.m. :)

2. ...I've learned that in the hot summer weather, don't continue to stay outside...rather, head for cover...especially if your youngest sister is holding a bowl full of icy water and eyeing you with a look that says, "Y'know, it's so hot today, I think that you need to cool off." :p

3. ...You will be asked numerous kinda odd questions throughout your day:

17 year old Elisabeth (hey, I am her a wonderful nine minutes!): "So Erin, do you want to clean the study or the kitchen first?" Um, how did my wants get mixed up into this? Sure, I want to clean the whole study from top to bottom...just for fun! :OD

11 year old Wesley: "Erin, would you research some information for me on the highly intriguing subject of hydro-electric dams?" Uhh, okayyy...what was the question again? :{

8 year old Ellie: "Girls, can you play Cinderella with me? You both can play the wicked stepsisters." Oh, Ellie, how gracious and generous of you! ")

4 year old John: "Ewin, did Mama and Daddy get you and Elisabeth at the Indian store?" John, I know we're dark-complected, but Mama and Daddy did NOT get us at the Indian store, or anywhere else for that matter...*sigh* ;)

2 year old Alexander: "Da-da! Brrrmmm! Ice...peasssse?" And if you understood that request, congratulations! LOL

4. ...If you have just cleaned the afor-mentioned study...even vacumned the large rug, three of your siblings will promptly come charging through the back door and begin...wiping their dirty shoes all over the floor! :( Let's see, three siblings equals six dirty feet...oh no! LOL

5. ...Wearing only a diaper, your youngest brother will put on large, fire-engine red boots, a floppy hat, and two mismatched gloves and think that he is properly clothed for an outing with you in the backyard!

6. ...You will have highly interesting conversations at the breakfast table:
John (gazing off into space): "Ewin, when are you going to get married?"
Erin (gazing at John with a baffled look): "Ummm, someday, I hope."
John: "Oh, you going to have kids...lots and lots of them?"
Erin: "I hope so."
John: "When I get married, I'm going to have yots of kids, too!"
Erin: "Really? How many do you want?"
John: "Oh, fifteen." Whoa. ;)

7. ...Mildred B. Vermont said the following quote referring to motherhood...but I think it could apply to sisterhood as well:

Being a full-time sister is one of the highest salaried jobs... since the payment is pure love.

4 thoughts:

Elissa said...

ROFLOL!!!! I only have one younger sibling, but my bachelor brother acts completely helpless when I'm around so it's like having two little brothers, so I know exactly how you feel! lol
Very amusing post Erin!

Carla said...

your photos are really beautiful, did you take most of them yourself?

Oh and I love the layout of your blog =)

Bailey said...

LOL!!! I wouldn't trade those goofy moments for anything. :) I have a treasure chest of my own (and it's mine...though I don't mind sharing one...:P)
Little Bro (in a serious mood): My favorite fish is goldfish.

Erin O. said...

Thanks for stopping by, Elissa!
LOL That's so funny! :OD

Hi Carla! Yes, most of the photos on here are ones that I took...thanks for your comment! ")

LOL How cute, Bailey! Li'l brothers certainly can provide a lotta laughs, can't they? :OD